The Expected Encouters

Hey all, yes i had an expected encounter rather than an unexpected one. So i was surfing on one day after i returned from office. I found i had received an email and opened it with curiosity. I’m pasting the email content below

Hi Ravi,

Its good to know about you. Myself sakshi and i live in bangalore. I moved here along with my husband for his work. But he keeps on travelling out for his work. I was ok until i found that he is cheating on me. I don’t want to take revenge on him, but i want my part of pleasure. Can you meet me at KFC in IndiraNagar at 5pm this thursday.

Waiting for your reply


I then replied her back and we arranged a meeting. I was so happy to see her turn up. She was so be beautiful and i was wondering how the hell his husband can cheat on her. Many guys are praying to get a girl like her.

So we met, she was in her early 30’s and we had a chit chat and she took me in her car to her home. Since i was inside the car no one noticed. He house was located in a calm locality nearby and it was really calm. He house was big too. It was maintained cleanly. She made me sit on sofa and brought juice for both of us. We started talking about her life and then she started asking me about my life. We had a good chat for an hour, after which she told she is going to take a bath.

I waited for like 5 min and then moved upstairs searching her. I heard water sound and entered. She has not closed any doors and was bathing. I became nude, went in and joined her. She was happy i joined her and told that she was waiting for me to come. And we enjoyed to the core that day eve.

After a good evening, we left for dinner and she asked me to stay overnight. I agreed and we had dinner. After returning, i turned on some music, lit up some candles and made a romantic atmosphere while she was refreshing and getting ready for the night. I took her in arms and we both made each other happy.

The next morning she woke me up early, gave me money and took her in her car and dropped me at the same place we met. She told, she will invite soon and from then we had 2 more encounters. She is a good lady and i loved her too.

This was one of the good experience i had recently in this month(Aug 2016).


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