Burst an ass this diwali

Hey, me again. So this diwali i did a good amount of hunting. One such incident is this one. So this lady in late 30’s emailed me asking about me. I replied to her as usual. The reason is most women just enquire and leave and their comeback is very less as they are afraid of many things in life. So this lady looked like she is interested in me and was asking me what i do for diwali. I told her i burst whatever i get. She replied me what if i get her. I just replied her, i would burst her into pieces.. he he he. She then told me she wanna meet me in somewhere public and asked me to come to phoneix mall. I went there and was sipping my coffee, when a good looking lady came and sat and she introduced herself. We chatted for a while and then we went on for a walk in the mall. We seemed to like me. She told, that she would love to pick me up tomorrow. I told her all good and the next day, we had a superub diwaliii.

Looks like she was not having sex for last 2yrs and i did a good job of satisfying her. One more one my list. Waiting for even more encounters.


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