With friends mom

I went to a birthday party of an old friend yesterday. He is quite rich and has only mother. Sadly he had lost his father when he was 15years. His mother had raised him and has managed a small factory his father left behind.

He had invited me for his birthday celebration. I had nothing to do on that day and i agreed to visit him. The party started at 6 in the evening and was flowing with drinks. At around 11 most people started retiring to their homes. My friend had a girl friend and she had asked him to come with him. I was the last one to leave and my friend asked me to stay overnight as he would be going with his girl friend.

After a bit of hesitation, i agreed and we cleaned up after the party. I went to my friends room and was about to sleep. I switched off my lights and i could see lights coming through my door. The only other person in the house was his mom. So i went to check on her. Her door was partially open and there she was in a night dress raised to her hips and her fingers digging inside, eyes closed.

I was immediately aroused by seeing her beauty she was hiding beneath those dress for years. I was standing there holding my thing and slowly made a small noise. She saw me standing and watching her. At first she got panicked but she stayed like a statue. Later she smiled a little and continued her work keeping her eyes on me. I was dumb and i would be if i stood there silently. So i went in and we went at it 3 times that night. She was so horny and it was after a long time she does it after her husband.

I returned home next morning with hopes that i would visit her in the near recent.


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