Shy techie and me

This month I met with an techie in Bengaluru. She was 25years old, married and staying alone. Lets call her Smitha. Smitha contacted me asking if she can have a long pillow talk. I agreed and we met at her apartment. Here is a gist of what happened.

Smitha got married 2years back and had started her life happily just like all of us with lots of hopes for an awesome life which is ahead of her. She had lots of things planned, imagined about her life and how she would spend it. The initial days of marriage was mostly spent in enjoying the new life. It was not long before life took unexpected turns for her. After around 8 months, her husband lost interest in marital pleasure gradually and it came down to once a month which would only last for few minutes. She realised that her husband is money minded and had married her for the sake of their parents and just to get married like others. Many people do have this view that to live in this society we have to do what others expect us to do and one of that is to get married at the age of early 20 or at-least in late 20’s.

Smitha tried a lot of things to try to bring the enthusiasm in her husband back and get on a good life. But all her measures went in vain. To add up to the pain, her husband went to US promising her that he would soon arrange things and take her up with him. But the political changes in US had made that a lot harder. She sobbed up a lot and we had to hug and console her. She continued lying on my chest. She told up all the things that she had imagined before marriage about her life. All of this is too much to take emotionally. All i could offer was a warm hug and few words on consoling. We just slept like that for few hours until she slept of. I had to leave her with a note saying, we would keep in touch and told her to take care.

She did not contact me for the next few days. As i was thinking that it was just a one time thing she wanted, i moved on with my life. One day i got a note from her asking if i want to join her for another pillow talk. I went with a bottle of wine. We had a good pillow talk about her life, day to day activities and were having fun dancing to music and getting high. We just ended passing out on the sofa. When i woke up, it was nearly morning and she was sleeping peacefully. I made bread toast and woke her up. We had quick breakfast and bid bye to each other.

With in few weeks we met once again and this time we had a good fun. Ha, i would not call just fun. She wanted some love and we had a good night that night. We are still in touch and meet up once in a month or so and spend some time together. It is not always about having fun. Pillow talk, having some company over when you need and more over we are good friends with no expectation from each other. Life is good for her now and she is happy now and iim happy for her. One of my best experience is this.


[Hey, i know you might read this sometime or the other and i hope you will read till end. If you like this, do let me know. If you are angry on me for posting this online, you can stop talking to me. But whatever it is do let me know. There are many other people with same people who would be happy after reading this.]


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