A women in need.

I was quite busy for sometime as i had to switch jobs. I’m not all settled and ready to share few more of my experiences.

It was a boring Saturday and i was on a chat site looking for someone to pass time. Most of them were guys. They never want to talk to another guy, a weird logic. There was a message from one person. I thought it had to be another random guy wanting to pass time or a bi guy wanting to pass sometime. So i just played along.

She said her name was Shristy(real name) and she was working as a HR person in one of the leading and young tech company. She asked about me and i told about my work and location. I also told her i was a gigolo and is she ok with it. She did not believe at first and asked me do things like that exist ? I told yes, they do and shared my website address. After few minutes there was no message and then she disconnected. I thought, ha yes this guy just got lost. I was spending more time chatting with more persons. But could not make any friends around. So i just went out to malls, had dinner alone and came back to my place.

I started my routine of checking messages before going to sleep. I usually get 10 to 20 messages per day, mostly from guys asking for various things. I dn know how to tell them(i would write a blog post of this in somedays, please wait)

So one message caught my attention. The message mentioned about my chat earlier this morning. Ha.. the girl named Shristy. So i replied her and we started chatting online. She wanted to know more about me, how handsome i was, how long i do this etc.

I told her, you don’t expect sharkuan to come and do this job. Things depend on peoples mind set. I told her that look dusky in color, average south indian guy. Also i told her not too expect too much in looks. Come on, if i’m so good looking, i would be doing modelling and not here.  I was led here and i did not choose this path. She went to silence after that and i did not hear from her.

The next morning was a surprise. She had messaged me late in night saying, yes she thought over it and she need someone to release her needs. So i agreed to meet her the same day as she was in the same city, i just took bath and left for her house. We had a late lunch and had good time. She was nervous and this was her first time outside marriage. I told her, that it is all fine and everyone needs to have some fun.

As usual, we had some good fun and i donated all of the money she gave to the child care home. That is what i do. She was rich enough. Her hubby is earning lot, but not taking care of her. What a waste to earn all the money.  I left her and she said, she would call me sometime. I said, i will come, if i’m free.

Hope you like another one from my dairy.


Shy techie and me

This month I met with an techie in Bengaluru. She was 25years old, married and staying alone. Lets call her Smitha. Smitha contacted me asking if she can have a long pillow talk. I agreed and we met at her apartment. Here is a gist of what happened.

Smitha got married 2years back and had started her life happily just like all of us with lots of hopes for an awesome life which is ahead of her. She had lots of things planned, imagined about her life and how she would spend it. The initial days of marriage was mostly spent in enjoying the new life. It was not long before life took unexpected turns for her. After around 8 months, her husband lost interest in marital pleasure gradually and it came down to once a month which would only last for few minutes. She realised that her husband is money minded and had married her for the sake of their parents and just to get married like others. Many people do have this view that to live in this society we have to do what others expect us to do and one of that is to get married at the age of early 20 or at-least in late 20’s.

Smitha tried a lot of things to try to bring the enthusiasm in her husband back and get on a good life. But all her measures went in vain. To add up to the pain, her husband went to US promising her that he would soon arrange things and take her up with him. But the political changes in US had made that a lot harder. She sobbed up a lot and we had to hug and console her. She continued lying on my chest. She told up all the things that she had imagined before marriage about her life. All of this is too much to take emotionally. All i could offer was a warm hug and few words on consoling. We just slept like that for few hours until she slept of. I had to leave her with a note saying, we would keep in touch and told her to take care.

She did not contact me for the next few days. As i was thinking that it was just a one time thing she wanted, i moved on with my life. One day i got a note from her asking if i want to join her for another pillow talk. I went with a bottle of wine. We had a good pillow talk about her life, day to day activities and were having fun dancing to music and getting high. We just ended passing out on the sofa. When i woke up, it was nearly morning and she was sleeping peacefully. I made bread toast and woke her up. We had quick breakfast and bid bye to each other.

With in few weeks we met once again and this time we had a good fun. Ha, i would not call just fun. She wanted some love and we had a good night that night. We are still in touch and meet up once in a month or so and spend some time together. It is not always about having fun. Pillow talk, having some company over when you need and more over we are good friends with no expectation from each other. Life is good for her now and she is happy now and iim happy for her. One of my best experience is this.


[Hey, i know you might read this sometime or the other and i hope you will read till end. If you like this, do let me know. If you are angry on me for posting this online, you can stop talking to me. But whatever it is do let me know. There are many other people with same people who would be happy after reading this.]

With friends mom

I went to a birthday party of an old friend yesterday. He is quite rich and has only mother. Sadly he had lost his father when he was 15years. His mother had raised him and has managed a small factory his father left behind.

He had invited me for his birthday celebration. I had nothing to do on that day and i agreed to visit him. The party started at 6 in the evening and was flowing with drinks. At around 11 most people started retiring to their homes. My friend had a girl friend and she had asked him to come with him. I was the last one to leave and my friend asked me to stay overnight as he would be going with his girl friend.

After a bit of hesitation, i agreed and we cleaned up after the party. I went to my friends room and was about to sleep. I switched off my lights and i could see lights coming through my door. The only other person in the house was his mom. So i went to check on her. Her door was partially open and there she was in a night dress raised to her hips and her fingers digging inside, eyes closed.

I was immediately aroused by seeing her beauty she was hiding beneath those dress for years. I was standing there holding my thing and slowly made a small noise. She saw me standing and watching her. At first she got panicked but she stayed like a statue. Later she smiled a little and continued her work keeping her eyes on me. I was dumb and i would be if i stood there silently. So i went in and we went at it 3 times that night. She was so horny and it was after a long time she does it after her husband.

I returned home next morning with hopes that i would visit her in the near recent.

Burst an ass this diwali

Hey, me again. So this diwali i did a good amount of hunting. One such incident is this one. So this lady in late 30’s emailed me asking about me. I replied to her as usual. The reason is most women just enquire and leave and their comeback is very less as they are afraid of many things in life. So this lady looked like she is interested in me and was asking me what i do for diwali. I told her i burst whatever i get. She replied me what if i get her. I just replied her, i would burst her into pieces.. he he he. She then told me she wanna meet me in somewhere public and asked me to come to phoneix mall. I went there and was sipping my coffee, when a good looking lady came and sat and she introduced herself. We chatted for a while and then we went on for a walk in the mall. We seemed to like me. She told, that she would love to pick me up tomorrow. I told her all good and the next day, we had a superub diwaliii.

Looks like she was not having sex for last 2yrs and i did a good job of satisfying her. One more one my list. Waiting for even more encounters.

The Expected Encouters

Hey all, yes i had an expected encounter rather than an unexpected one. So i was surfing on one day after i returned from office. I found i had received an email and opened it with curiosity. I’m pasting the email content below

Hi Ravi,

Its good to know about you. Myself sakshi and i live in bangalore. I moved here along with my husband for his work. But he keeps on travelling out for his work. I was ok until i found that he is cheating on me. I don’t want to take revenge on him, but i want my part of pleasure. Can you meet me at KFC in IndiraNagar at 5pm this thursday.

Waiting for your reply


I then replied her back and we arranged a meeting. I was so happy to see her turn up. She was so be beautiful and i was wondering how the hell his husband can cheat on her. Many guys are praying to get a girl like her.

So we met, she was in her early 30’s and we had a chit chat and she took me in her car to her home. Since i was inside the car no one noticed. He house was located in a calm locality nearby and it was really calm. He house was big too. It was maintained cleanly. She made me sit on sofa and brought juice for both of us. We started talking about her life and then she started asking me about my life. We had a good chat for an hour, after which she told she is going to take a bath.

I waited for like 5 min and then moved upstairs searching her. I heard water sound and entered. She has not closed any doors and was bathing. I became nude, went in and joined her. She was happy i joined her and told that she was waiting for me to come. And we enjoyed to the core that day eve.

After a good evening, we left for dinner and she asked me to stay overnight. I agreed and we had dinner. After returning, i turned on some music, lit up some candles and made a romantic atmosphere while she was refreshing and getting ready for the night. I took her in arms and we both made each other happy.

The next morning she woke me up early, gave me money and took her in her car and dropped me at the same place we met. She told, she will invite soon and from then we had 2 more encounters. She is a good lady and i loved her too.

This was one of the good experience i had recently in this month(Aug 2016).